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My FUOYE Year 1 story

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The hardest part is sitting down to package these experiences of mine, no matter how jumbled it seems or sound. 

I didn't put this down for it to sound pleasing to the hear & heart, but for it to serve as a headrest that you can lean on whenever you feel pressed by the activities going on in and around you in school, especially as a fresher.

I don't want you to suffer from the communication gap that I suffered from when I set foot in this citadel of knowledge, so, let's go on with this…

January 16th, 2019, around past 4 in the evening was when I set foot on the sands of Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State in company of a friend of mine who also got an admission (and this was after we had been carried past the school junction because we were trying to act like we knew our way around without asking for directions)

We went through the tedious and strong hearted journey of more than 6 land hours from Ogun State to one of the most farthest end of Ekiti State, which is Oye Ekiti.

We had it planned that we will crash at a friend's for the period of our registration, and luckily, he just moved into an hostel around the school gate area.

But, our ordeals that day just started.

We were supposed to be charged a maximum of N150 for where we were headed to,but the bike riders insisted on N300 or nothing. We had no choice but to pay & ride (I still recognize my bike man from that day, and I've never boarded his bike since then)

Also, due to poor network reception in Oye, as we were trying to get directions to the hostel from my friend (it was newly built), we missed road more than once. Imagine this scenario with the luggages we had on us… and I was almost regretting coming to this land sef.

In the end, we located the hostel and we had to put a call to another person whom our pal referred us to, to get the keys to the room from her. She showed up in time and gave us directions to our room and handed over the keys. It was evening time already, so, all I was just after was to eat something and get to sleep, albeit, on just plain tiles.

Enough of telling you about my rocky introduction into this land🌚

So, we got on with our registration which as usual started off with the payment of N5k for medical fees. Luckily for us, grace coupled with good attitude enabled us to connect with a cleaner who linked us up with a whole department's HOD. who in turn ensured that our medical verification travails were shortlived as we had spent the first 2 days on a fraudulent queue and numbering system to enable us complete the various aspects of the medical registration. (by the way, the cleaner's daughter is having her wedding ceremony in Oye this weekend, and she invited me😋)

Within the next 2 days, we were done with setting out at 6:30 am in the tantalizingly cold Oye weather, so we could arrive at the front of the queue (and we never got there first😂)

Having also learned a bit about Human Relationship on my self development journey, coupled with the prior knowledge of the system of the school I had from my thorough online research + various questions posed to friends on campus (I asked them alot of questions about the school, even before my admission was certain), I wasn't overly behaving like a Jambite whenever I was around my fellow newbies.

Some thought I was a predite (pre-degree student) or a staylite who just came around to have his medicals. This assertion of theirs saved me from being entangled in alot of discrepancies going on around, e.g usage of abusive words on each other & other vulgar words plus the regular 'sheybi you're also a fresher' behavior. 

More interestingly, even where I stayed in my first year, it wasn't until the tail end of the session that majority realized I was a fresher. Some actually said that they thought I had lived a year on campus already.

Also, in my department, I was at first a quiet person (not that I'm actually loud, but I talk a bit more now 🌚🌚) which also saved me from some irresponsible day-to-day relationships when I was just finding my way in this somewhat new world. I was very observant though, and I streamlined the positive minds I will like to roll with.

By making this categorization of people, I wasn't the most/least popular in class, but I carried on doing the good things I knew how to do, and it's definitely paying off now.

The work I did put in my major interest which is sports (football) has caused me to occupy some positions and standings with individuals and groups alike. 

Also, my steady volunteer service to the good causes is paving ways for me. My academics is also taking great shape due to diligent work & effort out into my freshman year. I scaled through some courses, even though I hated them, and in most, I did well.

My social life was the lowest of all areas because it was targeted at only events, meetings and seminars that will cause an improvement in my life.

My prior knowledge about how things worked in Fuoye also saved me cash and energy as I didn't have to pay for most residual expenses like printing, passport photograph, and photocopying of documents because I had done most of it from home except for the ugly headed emergencies here and there.

I will also use this medium to pass an advice to you on your accomodation. Make sure you secure a comfortable living quarters for yourself (doesn't have to be flashy or pricey, just comfortable) even if you'll be staying at Ifaki. You don't want to be in class and be downcast whenever you think of going back home because kf your poorjving condition.

Cut your coat according to your size, but ensure the coat is neat and not rumpled from over usage and lack of laundry care. There's no one-size-fits-all recommendation, but use your brain.

I suffered from the above-mentioned situation, and I won't want you to have the same experience. Trust me, Koda rara

What should you do to avoid?

Screen your roomie extensively before agreeing to live with them because if the deed of payment of rent has been done, there's no detaching yourself from that individual for the best part of 1 precious year. Make sure he/she adds to you, your goals and life, not deducting from these things.

What you believe will save you too. Believe in what you determine as your God. He'll show up in times of your need.

On this note, I drop my own pen on My Experience as a fresher in FUOYE.

The Tori fit no be weytin you expect like all those fantasies of yours, but na real life Tori be this!

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