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FUOYE Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2022/2023 And Departmental Cut off

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FUOYE Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2022/2023 And Departmental

Do you want to know the current FUOYE Cut off Mark for all courses 2022/2023 and the Departmental cut-off points? Has the question “What is FUOYE cut-off mark for 2022? or Is FUOYE cut off mark for 2022 out? been on your mind? If yes, this article is for you.

This post is designed to give you all the information you need to know about Federal University Oye Ekiti minimum cut-off point for admission. Clickhere to join whatsapp group

After reading this article, you’ll learn more about the current FUOYE cut-off mark for all Courses, FUOYE JAMB and Post UTME cut-off mark, and FUOYE cut-off point news.

Also, Federal University Oye Ekiti departmental cut-off mark for UTME and Direct Entry courses and programmes.

If you are looking to study at Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) it will be of tremendous importance to check and know the current Federal University Oye Ekiti Cut off mark for all courses before applying for admission.

Federal University Oye Ekiti, FUOYE cut-off mark is a minimum score or points a candidate who wants to apply for admission into Federal University Oye Ekiti must have in JAMB (UTME) before he or she will qualify to participate in the FUOYE Post UTME screening exercise.

It must be further noted that there are two types of FUOYE cut-off marks namely; FUOYE General cut-off mark and the FUOYE departmental cut-off mark. Now that you know what Federal University Oye Ekiti cut-off mark is all about, let’s look at the approved and current FUOYE Cut-Off Mark for 2022/2023.

Currently, Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) approved cut-off mark for 2022/2023 Admission is 150.

The management of Federal University Oye Ekiti has announced 150 and Above as the latest cut-off mark for candidates seeking admission into the school in the 2022/2023 admission year.

FUOYE fixed the cut-off point of 150 for this year’s admission after careful consideration of JAMB 2022 statistics.

This means that Federal University Oye Ekiti, (FUOYE) has adopted the minimum Cut-off point of 150 for its 2022/2023 admission exercise.

You need to pass the FUOYE cut-off point of 150 to qualify for admission in 2022/2023.

This further entails that you need to either score exactly 150 or above 150 before you can qualify to buy the Federal University Oye Ekiti Post UTME form and be considered for admission in 2022.

JAMB Cut Off Mark In FUOYE

Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) approved JAMB cut off mark for 2022/2023 candidates is 150.

The management of Federal University Oye Ekiti has announced 150 and Above as the latest JAMB cut-off mark for candidates seeking admission into the school in the 2022/2023 admission year.

The Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) JAMB Score is 150.

You need to pass the required FUOYE JAMB score of 150 to qualify for admission in 2022/2023.

FUOYE Departmental Cut Off Mark For 2022/2023

FUOYE Departmental cut-off mark 2022/2023 for all courses are cut-off marks released after the Federal University Oye Ekiti Post UTME Screening Excercise.

If you have a high aggregate score, a good O’level result, and beat the FUOYE Departmental cut-off mark 2022/2023 for your course, automatically, you stand a chance of being considered for admission.

FUOYE Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2022/2023

Federal University Oye Ekiti Courses and current cut-off mark:

1.      Agricultural Economics And Extension 160
2.      Animal Production And Health 170
3.      Crop Science and Horticulture 150
4.      Fisheries And Aquaculture 160
5.      Food Science And Technology 190
6.      Hospitality And Tourism Management 160
7.      Soil Science And Land Resources Management 150
8.      Water Resources Management And Agrometeorology 160
9.      English And Literary Studies 200
10.   History And International Studies 180
11.   Linguistics and languages 180
12.   Theatre And Media Arts 200
13.   Philosophy 160
14.   Religious Studies 150
15.   Anatomy 180
16.   Medical Laboratory Science 220
17.   Nursing Science 220
18.   Physiology 160
19.   Radiology and Radiation Science 200
20.   Agricultural Education 160
21.   Biology Education 160
22.   Chemistry Education 150
23.   Mathematics Education 160
24.   Physics Education 150
25.   Educational Technology 150
26.   Business Education 160
27.   Educational Management 160
28.   Economics Education 160
29.   English Language Education 180
30.   Library And Information Science 170
31.   Human Kinetics 150
32.   Health Education 160
33.   Guidance And Counselling 170
34.   Adult Education 150
35.   Agricultural and Bio-Resources 180
36.   Civil Engineering 220
37.   Computer Engineering 200
38.   Electrical and Electronics Engineering 200
39.   Mechanical Engineering 200
40.   Mechatronics Engineering 200
41.   Metallurgical And Materials Engineering 150
42.   Architecture 200
43.   Building 160
44.   Estate Management 160
45.   Quantity Surveying 160
46.   Surveying and Geoinformatics 180
47.   Urban And Regional Planning 160
48.   LAW 220
49.   Accounting 200
50.   Finance 180
51.   Business Administration 200
52.   Public Administration 180
53.   Doctor of Pharmacy 220
54.   Animal and Environmental Biology 170
55.   Biochemistry 200
56.   Computer Sciences 210
57.   Geology 180
58.   Geophysics 170
59.   Chemistry 160
60.   Industrial Chemistry 170
61.   Mathematics 160
62.   Statistics 150
63.   Microbiology 210
64.   Physics 150
65.   Plant Science And Biotechnology 150
66.   Environmental Management and Toxicology 160
67.   Criminology And Security Studies 190
68.   Demography and Social Statistics 150
69.   Economics and Development Studies 200
70.   Mass Communication 220
71.   Peace And Conflict Studies 180
72.   Political Science 200
73.   Psychology 170
74.   Sociology 190


The above are FUOYE Post UTME eligibility cut-off marks.

If you have the above UTME score you are eligible to participate in FUOYE online registration and screening exercise.

How To Score Above FUOYE Cut-off

  1. Early Preparation matters
  2. Have a high JAMB-UTME score.
  3. Have a high Post UTME Examination score, that is; if adopted for the admission year
  4. At least, have a good O’level result (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB)
  5. Know And Improve Your Weak Points
  6. Stay Close to Information
  7. Engage With Like Minds

If you have any question, you can comment them below.

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