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How How To Calculate FUOYE Admission Screening Points For 2022 Admission Screening Exercise


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As someone seeking admission into the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), Ekiti State, it is important to know How To Calculate FUOYE Screening Point/Aggregate Score because this is what FUOYE will use to admit candidates in 2022.

FUOYE will only admit candidates based on screening points, as the school does not organize exams for post UTME. Many students find the screening point a bit confusing, as they don’t really know how to calculate it, it’s quite simple if you can pay attention and study this post carefully.

Please note that your O’level result plays a vital role in boosting your screening point, your UTME score is important as well, but your O’level score plays a more vital role. It is of utmost importance that you calculate and know your screening point now, so you can know your fate on securing admission to the Course you’re proposing to study.


So if you’re an aspirant of FUOYE or willing to change to FUOYE and have been searching for how to calculate FUOYE screening points, this is for you!

How To Calculate FUOYE Admission Screening Points For 2022 Admission Screening Exercise.

The first thing you should know is that each of the grades you have for a particular subject in O’level exam, will be assigned a point, your screening points will be calculated based on the point you have in your O’level and UTME exam.

FUOYE Screening Point For O’level Grading

  • C6= 1 point
  • C5= 2 points
  • C4= 3 points
  • B3= 4 points
  • B2= 5 points
  • A1= 6 points

You will only have to calculate for five vital subjects, which is relevant to your chosen course, e.g. if your chosen course is Medicine and Surgery, your relevant subjects are Math, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. However relevant subjects to each course are noted in the FUOYE Brochure.


Please note, a single sitting for the O’level result carries 10 points, while two sittings carry 6 points.

So if I have my 5 subjects as A1, B2, B3, B2 and C4 – O’level point will be: 6+5+4+5+3= 23, plus 10 points for single sitting = 33

How To Calculate FUOYE Screening Point For UTME

To calculate the screening, point for your UTME exam, follow this:

  • Divide your UTME score by 400, then multiply it by 60 (UTME Score/400 x 60).
  • Sum up your 5 important O’level subjects as the points are illustrated above
  • The total point you have, after adding your UTME and O’level point together is your total Screening point.

Sample FUOYE Screening Point Calculation

Take for example, if you have 250 in UTME, and you have a total of 33 points in your O’level exam, you will divide the 250 by 400 and multiply by 60, which is equal to 37.5, you then add this to the 33 points you have in your O’level, which equals to 67.5 points.

If you still don't get how to calculate it, you can reply below so we can help you calculate it

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