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Possible solutions to improving your brain power and to become genius

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No one is born with a poor memory. As human beings we have been Gifted and amazing brain which no computer in the world can match. And God has not been partial to any money making this extra ordinary gift which can be improved with the following steps to make good grades and to be an extra ordinary student of A+.

Step 1: New words of memorisation.

Have you made enquiries of the mystery behind the word accumulation or vocabulary building II the power of speech to your IQ the truth is that it is the amount of words that you have accumulated through wide or extensive Reading or education that may determine how efficient your brainpower would be especially when handling non and Academic problems.

And as a matter of fact the average adult probably has the vocabulary of thirty to sixty thousand words by the Isley literate men have 100,000 words. Yet the English language, has well over 1 million words.

Yet the English language has well over 1 million words besides career success has been found to be independent or correlate with the number of what one knows another what's your IQ rating and grading to test score which are in form of A B C D E F is based on the amount of what you have accumulated and memorized off. And that is the student who got an 'A' in a Test score has a large amount of what in his or her memory than those who got B' obviously you can increase your IQ through learning and memorizing of new words during studies consequently studies are showing that Chief Executive officers are consistently found to have higher vocabulary knowledge than other groups even doctors and lawyers in an organisation moreover we thinking what and with what we Express our beliefs encourage others to act upon their beliefs and others.

Step 2: The law of remembering all things (SQ4R)

SQ4R stands for Question, Read, Recite, Review and Record. The application of this law of remembering all things helps you break down your reading procedures into segments, in which you can get the Full gist of all you are trying to retain in your studies with EASE. The six steps of the SQ4R method are as follow:

A. Survey
surveying before you reading your Note is the first step in membrane which gives you an overview and a sense of Direction or insight of what you are about to learn.

The Methodological Limitations of Survey Research - Voxco

If you have a sense of insight of what the material is before you begin studying if you can predict where it is going with ease.

This can be done by using your phone to highlight and underline it for important points in your text when study a book for the first time.

B. Question
it simply means formulating likely examination or been inquisitive to what you are learning. It is also an admitted fact that, those who ask questions in the class or during the course of independent studies, or set examination likely questions for themselves, Increase their memory.

C. Read
This is the third stage of remembering, which involves, reading with purpose. You can't just read for reading sake, you must set your objective of why you are reading.

D. Recite
recite simply means say allowed touch until you speak it or say it Aloud or (Softly) and hear it, at least 10 times memorization is not complete remember it is the only things you say to hear you can understand. Psychologically, talking to yourself for reciting what you have written an imaginary class can make your brain work more efficiently according to studies. Admittedly, we learn 20% of what we hear.

E. Review, (Repetition)
it is the strongest key to memorizing what effectively. Device hunting world's most from the periphery of Your to your list of active vocabulary and church will help you retain them in long-term memory. Studies have shown that children Returned 70% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what the Year always revise your academic work if you want to be an A+ student . Remember that studies have shown that any notes you fail to revise after lectures of that same day you stand the chances of losing his gradually with time.

F. Record
this is the last and most important stage of membrane which involves note-making which means developing your lecture notes in your own understanding and what besides on the record or write it down at least twice (I.e. writing things in your own way of understanding) as you read through your notes.
Until you make your note on it or write it down twice, memorization is not complete.

Thank you for reading!

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